Kids Spaces

Kids' spaces are one of my most beloved areas in the home. Every kid has a wild imagination, wouldn’t you agree? So why not use that imagination and create spaces for them where they can flourish, create and tell their crazy stories, snuggle up with their favourite book or lose themselves in Lego sets while pretending to be a super hero.

Colour, comfort, toy storage (which makes parents very happy) and room to be creative are all factors that I take into consideration with every one of my little clients, including my own two daughters. Very often there are small areas in our homes that are forgotten and underappreciated, but with some imagination they can be converted for kids, like the hollow space under a staircase or an unused corner in your living room.

Play Corner

Toy Storage

Play Nook

Whimsical Nursery

Wallpaper Detail

Nursery Balloon Light

Book Storage

Reading Books

Nursery 2

Crib Area Details

Crib Area Details


Toy Storage

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