Living Room

The client brought me in at the finish selection phase of the project while building this 3-storey downtown townhouse.

After meeting with the client - a single, career driven travel enthusiast - I was tasked with turning a small townhouse into a customized, ready-for-entertainment and personality-filled space. The goal was to make it feel as big as possible, while providing plenty of storage and wall space to display the client's travel art and photo collection. Darker cabinetry and floors created a nice classic contrast to the white walls, which served as a clean canvas for displaying the art collection. A black chalk wall in the kitchen was not only the top attraction for playing games and leaving messages during parties, but also made the kitchen feel larger.

Instead of doing an expected photo gallery wall along the staircase, I dedicated the entire powder room wall to this, making the room more interesting and a great conversation starter. Lastly, to maximize storage and seating solutions while working with a small space, lots of furniture pieces served a dual purpose.

Dining Room


Kitchen working area



Front Foyer

Master Bedroom

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